4D Baby Photoshoot

4D Baby Photoshoot

For the third time, we found ourselves having a scan at the request of the NHS who wanted to be ubber precautions following the underweight/overweight shenanigans over the past two weeks.

This time, using a more precise method than an old school tape measure, we were told that we were no longer of concern, and to that we were neither under nor over, but were bang in the middle of our pregnancy growth model.

Maybe a bit blasé considering what we’ve gone through to get to this stage but we both seemed to feel there was nothing to worry about – a parents instinct?

We think it’s a boy!

Man those scans are ugly! They’re very clever but why anyone would actually pay for a 4d baby scan is past me! Still, being in the NHS, we were allowed to take a quick snap using our mobile phone – you have to have one perk working for them!

We don’t know, but from the 4D image we saw on the screen during the scan, Pancake looked just like me (i.e. bald). Seriously it just had boy looks about it, something even I had to admit to – secretly I still hope think it’s going to be a girl!

Pancake was lying in such a way that we weren’t able to confirm one way or another, which was good, as again we asked not to be told.

eBay Monitoring

Sadly we’ve lost out on a number of eBay auctions for Stokke MyCarriers over the past few days mainly because we’re sticking to you limit. Around the £70 mark is what we’re happy to pay (with a small addition for P&P) any more and we’d rather pay full price for something in pristine condition with guarantee.

Every few days another pops up, so we’re still holding out hope and there’s no rush yet.

Would it be wise to watch Gumtree too?


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