25 @ 25 + 1 = A little on the small side

25 @ 25 + 1 = A little on the small side

Apparently, our individual tailored model shows that our Pancake is on the smaller side of normal when considering everything such as age, weight etc.

Cause for alarm?

To be honest, we’re not too bothered considering I’m a porkie and J isn’t so either way isn’t a surprise, but also each midwife has a different way of measuring. The fact we were still in the expected range, just, none of us thought it was anything to worry about too much.

She’s eating healthy (and plenty of it), exercising well thanks to the dog and Pancake is kicking like it’s having its own party at times.

The midwife wasn’t over concerned and managed to find the heartbeat very quickly and was more than happy at its strength, however to be safe she’s scheduled us in fpr another check in 7 days time.

Todays online purchase

7500 Video Baby Lightshow Monitor

7500 Video Baby Lightshow Monitor

Today the real shopping began. When I say real, I mean brand new items and not 2nd hand deals from eBay.

We’re lucky to have family working for BT so were able to grab a 7500 Video Baby Lightshow Monitor for under £125, cheaper than Amazon!. Video, voice, lullabies, lightshow, temperature… pretty much everything we could ask for to give us peace of mind.

I admit I’d not really thought of BT as a provider of baby monitoring gear. Mention their name and I instantly think of telephones, broadband and BT Sport. Initially we’d been checking out the usual brands such as Motorola, Kiddicare, Angelcare etc but after reading more and more reviews including Which? we found BT popped up time and time again.


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