20 Week Scan & Baby Sales Galore

20 Week Scan & Baby Sales Galore

So today we had our 20 week scan and I am happy to report that our sonographer reported everything looked exactly as she would expect at 20 weeks. Measurements, heart beat, blood flow, umbilical cord, movement, everything… everything was exactly they would expect at this stage.

A huge sigh of relief!

Pregnancy Corner

Every single step along this crazy journey is yet another milestone we’ve never experienced before despite having tried to become parents for over 3 years.

We’re still not yet jumping up and down with joy and excitement, which is proving increasingly difficult as the days pass by, but the 24 week stage isn’t far away now. At this point I think we’ll be boiling over with bottled up excitement and we can finally let our hair down and finally accept that we’re pregnant and we can’t wait!

Baby Sales Galore

Because we’re new to this, we’re noticing things that would normally slip by – sales of baby goods being one.

The past few days we’ve noticed a huge increase in the number sale events kicking off online – all baby orientated. We’re not sure if this is something that gets recycled every 3 months or so, and so naturally not wanting to miss out on a great deal, we’ve very tempted to go a bit nuts.

Checking a few sites reveals some great deals from Mamas & Papas, M&Co and Asda George and we’re also hopeful that Aldi will have another baby event before Pancake is due.

Easy Like Sunday Mornings

In the meantime our Sunday mornings, when J doesn’t have a shift, are still dominated by “Day 130 in the Pancake Chronicles“, lying in bed reading the latest entry from the Pregnancy Plus app which has been a real eye opener.

It’s a great way to chill first thing in the morning, more often than not with the dog joining us, as we read what expect in the next 7 days. For

All Aboard ⚓

Before the madness of having a child ensues, and the planning, shopping etc, we’ve decided to treat ourselves one last time. Feet up and recharging our minds in what has been an unsettling time with work, we’ll be setting sail as we head off for a week-long cruise and will remain disconnected from the technological world.


Making the news

What was making the news on this momentous day? Below is a collection of front pages I’ve collected dated 7 April 2015.


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